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House painting is something that has been widely available for thousands of years, and while many see it as something made to make your home look better, that is not necessarily the only purpose. For example, if you have installed wood siding on your home, periodic painting or sealing helps ensure that the siding material does not deteriorate prematurely.

Over the years a lot has happened in terms of the services provided by house painters in Hyderabad, and the materials used today are naturally much better than those used hundreds of years ago.

Different surfaces also require different types of preparation and painting to spruce up your home. If you don't want to paint your home yourself, use the form at the top of the page to request quotes from local interior painters. It's totally free.

We can paint various types of surfaces and information like concrete, metal, plastic, wood, paper, etc.
We can copy any color and almost any type of finish requested by our customers.

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Types of Paint

Depending on the material you are working with and the purpose you want the paint to serve, there are different types you can consider. Some surfaces may not take certain types of paint very well, which just means you will need to repaint them soon.

Acrylic flat:

This is commonly applied to interior rooms, including drywall and ceilings. The type of finish makes it more likely to attract dirt that requires regular cleaning, although this must be done with care to prevent it from cracking. Soap and water are generally what is recommended to keep this type of paint clean.

Acrylic eggshell:

It's more durable than the flat version, although it still works great for interior walls. If you have young children at home, you might want something slightly more durable than flat acrylic.

Acrylic satin:

It's quite matte, albeit with a hint of shine, making it harder to hide wall imperfections. It's simple, yet stylish and will look great in any home.

Alkyd flat or flat oil:

More commonly used in commercial establishments due to its stronger odor. Being flat, it is perfect for places where there may be imperfections.

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